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It is our passion to help you improve your quality of life by providing access to affordable and professional telemedicine consultations with a licensed board-certified hormone replacement specialist. If you experience low energy levels, fatigue, low sex drive, or weight gain this is likely a result of a hormone imbalance or low testosterone levels. Conditions like these happen slowly over time as we age and can cause us to make poor lifestyle choices which can lead us down a path to other serious health issues. By partnering with Optimal Alternative Medicine in your health care experience you automatically get access to decades of hormone replacement therapy knowledge as well as the largest suite of options in the industry putting you on track to living your best life. Be Savage Not Average!

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Optimal Alternative Medicine is part of an established national bio identical hormone replacement therapy and wellness service provider for both men and women. Our goal is to help you restore and optimize lost vitality, energy and health through personalized alternative therapies. We will help to address any health, sexual, and wellness issues, which will enable you to regain your youthful vitality. You DO NOT have to allow the inevitable aging process to overrule your desire to live an active and abundant life. Once your hormone levels are stabilized we can customize further solutions to make sure you’re feeling at your best physically and mentally performing at your highest levels at home, work and the gym.


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If you have been searching for the most experienced and knowledgeable alternative medicine specialists in the United States, look no further. At Optimal Alternative Medicine, we provide comprehensive medical specialty services that will help you look, feel, and perform your best.